HOST, the global iconic provider of dry floor and upholstery cleaning systems, is thrilled to announce its return to the global market for floor and upholstery cleaning. The company has successfully restarted its business operations, updated its manufacturing processes, and achieved remarkable growth, surpassing a 50% increase in the past financial year. Following a period of restructuring and reorganization, HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System has emerged stronger and more determined than ever. The company has focused on revitalizing American manufacturing jobs and fostering innovation in Wisconsin, where its manufacturing facilities are located.

“We are excited to announce our return to the market and our commitment to driving growth and innovation in the cleaning industry,” said Brian Mehnert, CEO of HOST. “Over the past three years, we have worked tirelessly to revamp our operations, enhance our manufacturing processes, and expand our product offerings.” As part of its growth strategy, HOST has invested heavily in sales and marketing efforts. This includes the seamless integration with NetSuite to include online ordering capabilities, virtual training classes for customers and distributors, and increased investments in research and development to further innovate its leading equipment line.

“We believe that our investments in sales and marketing, coupled with our ongoing commitment to innovation, will position us for continued success in the years to come,” added Mehnert. HOST invites customers, distributors, and partners to visit its newly redesigned website to explore its range of dry floor and upholstery cleaning systems and to learn more about its virtual training classes and innovative solutions.