Replacing Broken Belts on Liberator or Freestyle

Replacing Broken Belts-Liberator Disconnect Liberator from power and remove the Velcro skirt. Remove gear case cover by removing the 6

Rotating HOST Brushes

Reverse the brushes each time you clean out the machine. The brush bristles acquire a ‘set’ in the direction they

Cleaning HOST Brushes

Because of the double brushing action and superior air flow, the Liberator and Freestyle remove large amounts of dry dirt.

Cleaning the Interior of the HOST Liberator/Freestyle

As HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner is vacuumed, there will be an accumulation of micro-sponges in several areas. This is normal

Cleaning the 3-Piece Cleanable Filter or HEPA-type Filters

When the filter light comes on it’s important to clean your filters. Use either the 3-piece cleanable filter OR the

Cleaning the Motor Vents and Filter on the Liberator/Freestyle

It is important that the motor vents of the eVAC are kept free of any buildup. Vacuum the motor vent