As HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner is vacuumed, there will be an accumulation of micro-sponges in several areas. This is normal because the moist micro-sponges you vacuum contain oil, grease and soil. Make cleaning the interior of the eVAC part of your daily routine maintenance. Maintenance is the same for the Liberator and Freestyle. The only difference is where the vacuum hose connects to the body of the machines.

Check the vacuum hose for clogs. Unplug both ends of the vacuum hose and check for any buildup, especially in the hose elbow. If buildup exists in the elbow, plug the straight end of the vacuum hose into the upper vacuum connection. Turn the vacuum motor on and loosen the buildup from the vacuum hose elbow. Check the vacuum shoe between the cleaning brushes on the underside of the eVAC for buildup. With a tank vacuum, remove any material clogging the shoe. Check under the separator assembly and in the vacuum cone for buildup. Buildup will occur more frequently if you have not emptied the bagless hopper as often as needed. With bagless hopper in place, unlatch the top of the machine, swing the filter housing to the side and remove the filters. Lift out the separator assembly and wipe the underside of the separator assembly and the inside of the vacuum cone with a clean, dry cloth. If there is a thick accumulation on the cone, use a damp cloth to loosen the soil. The loosened soil will drop into the bagless hopper. Replace the separator assembly and push down firmly until it seals tightly.

It’s important to follow routine maintenance practices to keep your HOST machine in optimal working order. Many of the following procedures take only a few minutes of your time but will keep your machine running for years.