Offer your customers a better clean
without water, shampoo or steam

The HOST® Dry Extraction Cleaning System is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. You’ll be providing your customers with a carpet cleaning system that’s not only recommended by leading carpet manufacturers – it’s safe and effective for all types of carpet and rugs, including stain resistant, wool, sisal, jute and other natural fibers. Your store space is valuable real estate. That’s why the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner display was designed to take up less than four square feet. Plus, the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System will help you build store traffic through HOST Dry-Clean Machine™ rentals, product sales, and repeat customer business. A competitive difference for you.

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The cleaning system that makes a difference

At HOST, we want to help people have productive, safer and healthier environments through using our range of cleaning
systems, using industry-leading standards, and sustainable business practices.