Top Ten Production Tips for Cleaning Carpet

Vacuum carpet with HOST Liberator or Freestyle ExtractorVac before using any HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner to clean carpet. This is the single most important concept

How to Remove Urine from Carpet

Urine contains uric acid and other organic compounds which can discolor or bleach color from the carpet. The extent of

How to Remove Paint and Tar from Carpet

Paint (Latex) Best option is to remove the paint right away before it dries. If it is already dry, mix

How to Remove Vegetable or Petroleum Oil from Carpet

Any type of oil spill will create a continual wicking problem over time. Petroleum based oils can cause damage to

How to Remove Calcium Chloride

This is is extremely difficult. Calcium chloride is used as an ice melting compound by many facilities. It can be

Removing Blood from Carpet

Successful removal of blood spills will depend upon the age of the spill and whether or not someone else has