1. Vacuum carpet with HOST Liberator or Freestyle ExtractorVac before using any HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner to clean carpet. This is the single most important concept to understand.
  2. Rotate Brushes every 20 minutes to keep the bristles agitating the carpet fibers to release the soil.
  3. Clean the white felt fine particle filters after initial vacuuming of any area. Then vacuum the area again and check the amount of soil captured in the filter. Continue vacuuming until the white filter remains clean. At this point the carpet is ready for application of HOST cleaner.
  4. Always apply HOST cleaner to the surface in a baseball size pile. Never distribute HOST cleaner like chicken feed, as the HOST cleaner will dry out quickly and waste the product and your money.
  5. Use the HOST machine to spread the HOST cleaner using a vacuuming “W” pattern backing the machine over the HOST cleaner in an east to west direction and then north to south to fill the area you want to clean.
  6. Never apply more than three applications of HOST cleaner to an area without letting the area dry for 20 to 30 minutes. The HOST cleaner have moisture in them and too many applications can result in wetting the area and interfering with the absorption of the dirt.
  7. When using HOST cleaner with the machine make sure to clean the two 90 degree elbows every 30 minutes. The moist HOST cleaner tend to collect in the elbows and reduce the suction of the vacuum.
  8. Empty the hopper often when using HOST cleaner. Letting the hopper get too full will result in the upper filters becoming clogged.
  9. When removing a spot, spin the machine in a circle over the spot to properly agitate the HOST cleaner.
  10. A test you can perform to see just how much soil may be in your carpet is to pick several spots ten feet apart in the area you want to clean. The first spot should be at the entrance to the area and the rest scattered in ten-foot distances from that spot. Using the Liberator or Freestyle with Zebra Brushes, start at the first spot. Turn on the machine with brushes only running. Hold the machine in one spot for 15 to 20 seconds and then turn the machine off. Tip the machine over onto one side and observe the amount of soil that is piled up between where the brushes were turning. Continue this for each of the spots you picked out and you will be able to tell how much soil has migrated in the area from the entrance. This simple test will allow you to evaluate how much time will be needed to restore or simply clean the area.