Urine contains uric acid and other organic compounds which can discolor or bleach color from the carpet. The extent of the damage will depend upon the length of time the urine was in contact with the carpet fibers. As always, quick action is best for complete removal. Be sure to wear rubber gloves, a mask and goggles (Follow OSHA guidelines).

If the urine is wet, use HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner as a poultice to absorb the urine — then vacuum and clean the area. If it is dry, clean as per usual procedure. You may need to use PREP together with the HOST cleaner. For a deodorizer use concentrated Odor Exploder for odors. It is mixed 16 parts water to 1 part Odor Exploder. One capful of Odor Exploder to a quart of water. It devolatizes and absorbs odor molecules instead of just masking them. Apply a mist of Odor Exploder (diluted) to the carpet. Let it work for about 15-20 minutes and then clean carpet as normal. There is no guarantee that all odors will be removed.