Paint (Latex)

Best option is to remove the paint right away before it dries. If it is already dry, mix 1 tablespoon of household ammonia to a cup of warm water. Blot this liberally on the paint and scrape. Follow with HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner and brush. Pack some more HOST cleaner on the area and allow to dry. The paint may not be totally removable. Be careful as ammonia can remove some color from the carpet.

Paint (Oil)

This is very difficult, it is best removed while wet. If it is still damp or wet, scrape or blot up as much as possible. Mist some HOST Spot Remover on the area and apply a generous amount of HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner. Brush the HOST cleaner through the spot in several directions. Apply a bit more and pack it down. Let it dry for several hours. Brush the area again and then vacuum up the HOST cleaner with the HOST extractorVAC. Evaluate the condition and repeat step one as needed. After several applications, use the HOST extractorVAC and re-clean the area with HOST cleaner.

If the spot is dry, use HOST Spot Remover. Apply it with a towel or cloth. Check for transfer. Use HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner to absorb the residue. Apply the HOST cleaner and brush with a hand brush or the HOST extractorVAC. Repeat the process — Oil based paint may not be totally removable.


Use the HOST Spot Remover and HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner. Apply the Spot Remover to a small spot with a towel or cloth. Don’t get it too wet. Scrape the tar up and blot with the cloth. Then apply HOST cleaner to absorb the residues. Heavy spots may require additional scraping and blotting with Spot Remover before applying the HOST cleaner.