It is important that the motor vents of the eVAC are kept free of any buildup. Vacuum the motor vent with the eVAC hose after each use. There is also a motor filter on the Liberator that must be cleaned. Remove and clean the motor filter frequently. Failure to keep the filter clean could cause your eVAC to overheat.

Liberator Motor Vents and Filter

  1. Vacuum the motor vents.
  2. Remove the Velcro® skirt.
  3. Remove the screws from the side cover plates and then the back cover plate.
  4. Take the cover plates off and remove the foam filter underneath the back cover plate. Vacuum or rinse the filter. Allow filter to dry completely before replacing.
  5. Replace the motor filter, cover plates, screws and Velcro skirt.

Freestyle Motor Vents

Simply remove the vacuum hose from the Freestyle base and vacuum the motor vents after each use.

It’s important to follow routine maintenance practices to keep your HOST machine in optimal working order. Many of the following procedures take only a few minutes of your time but will keep your machine running for years.