When the filter light comes on it’s important to clean your filters. Use either the 3-piece cleanable filter OR the HEPA-type filter, you cannot use these filters together. Here’s a quick and easy way to check the filters.

Follow the directions below:

  1. Turn the eVAC off.
  2. Unlatch the filter housing latches at the top of the eVAC.
  3. Lift the filter housing lid and swing it to one side. (If needed, lift it all the way off.)
  4. Remove the filters and use a separate tank vacuum to clean the filters. Vacuum the dirt from the filters. If you are working in areas where IAQ is a concern, see IAQ below.
  5. Replace the filters. The filters are designed so they can only be replaced in the correct order. The lower primary filter is burnt orange. The upper secondary filter is black.
  6. Lift the filter housing lid and swing it back into place. Be sure it is centered properly and all the filters are lined up in the correct order. Fasten the latches.

3-Piece Filter

The 3-piece filter should be cleaned frequently in high use conditions. They may require daily cleaning under high use conditions, weekly if used less. For best results vacuum with a separate tank vacuum. Do not wash the filter. Vacuum the filters thoroughly — then you may wipe them with a damp cloth. Do not get them wet. Remove the foam and felt filters and screen from the filter housing lid. Inspect the filters for soil. If they are soiled, vacuum both sides of each filter. Replace the filters in this order: screen, felt filter, foam filter. The foam filter fits snugly and will hold the felt filter and screen in place.

HEPA-type Filter

HEPA-type filters are not cleanable and must be replaced when dirty. The HEPA-type filter should be replaced frequently in high use conditions. Don’t store damp HOST cleaner of any type in the bagless hopper. Moisture can condense on the HEPA-type filter and ruin it. To remove, pull on the small tab to take the filter out. Note: HEPA-type filters should not be vacuumed. Hold it up to a strong light. If you can see light through it, it’s still usable. If not, replace with a new one, available from your HOST Distributor. Insert the filter in the lid, with tab facing out, and replace the filter housing lid. Be sure it is centered properly and that all the filters are lined up. Fasten the latches.

IAQ Note: The extractorVAC filters are designed to capture fine dust particles. If you are cleaning in healthcare environments or other areas where IAQ is a concern, do not remove and clean the filters in the room being cleaned. Doing so will release the dust particles. Take the eVAC out of the room and clean the filters. You may even want to clean the filters outside of the building. You may want to have several extra filters on board your eVAC so you do not have to leave the area to clean the filters. Then you can clean the dirty filters later.

It’s important to follow routine maintenance practices to keep your HOST machine in optimal working order. Many of the following procedures take only a few minutes of your time but will keep your machine running for years.