Because of the double brushing action and superior air flow, the Liberator and Freestyle remove large amounts of dry dirt. As a result, the cleaning brushes become quite soiled as they lift and open the pile and remove deep down soil. You should include regular cleaning of the brushes when using the Liberator and Freestyle, otherwise you will transfer dirt from the cleaning brushes to the carpet while cleaning.

The easiest way to clean the brushes is:

  1. Toss a couple handfuls of HOST cleaner on the carpet or a walk off mat.
  2. Brush with the Liberator/Freestyle with the vacuum motor off.
  3. Turn on the vacuum to remove the HOST cleaner.

Another technique is to remove the brushes from the Liberator/Freestyle and wash them:

  1. Wash in warm, soapy water.
  2. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Allow to air dry completely before replacing on the machine.

It’s important to follow routine maintenance practices to keep your HOST machine in optimal working order. Many of the following procedures take only a few minutes of your time but will keep your machine running for years.