Racine International implements green initiatives to improve bottom line

As businesses continue the trend of “going green”, more and more green pioneers are stepping forward. One such sector that has, until now, been quietly leading the charge is the cleaning industry.  The reason it is now coming to the forefront that manufacturers of cleaning products are leading the green movement, is that today’s consumers have a greater opportunity then ever before to make environmentally conscientious decisions as to what cleaning products they use.

Racine, Wis., based Racine International, the manufacture of the innovative HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System, has long been committed to and continues to strive to make the most environmentally friendly products it can. The HOST System is a proven method for achieving clean and dry carpet that looks its best every day while contributing to a healthier, cleaner environment inside and out. HOST is the only dry carpet cleaner to be both Green Seal® Certified and tested as biobased by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Some of HOST’s many green attributes include conserving water and energy, not to mention being made from only renewable resources.


Racine International takes great pride in helping conserve the environment. “We not only care about the environment but also the economy,” said Deborah Lema, Quality Control Manager. “We feel this approach is simply good business practice with a long-term view instead of focusing on immediate gratification.”


More companies looking to care for the environment and their customers’ bottom lines are doing so by implementing several green technologies like reclaiming heat in the facility, using energy-efficient equipment and experimenting with different processing techniques that minimizes or eliminates waste. Racine International has implemented several conservation projects including:

Removal of Chrome Plating

Racine International has move away from its traditional chrome platting on several of its HOST cleaning machine models. Chrome plating is often used for its nice appearance and protection factor, but comes with potential callous environmental impacts and higher costs than other finishes. Racine International has implemented powder coated finishes. These finishes can easily be recycled and produce less waste.

Increase of Recycled Content

The company has also increased the amount of recycled content in its main plastic packaging to 25 percent. It has used various packaging with recycled content for a long time, but wanted to incorporate more. “This goal was not easy to achieve,” said Geoff Greeley, HOST Brand Ambassador. “After years of research and waiting, only recently did we finally find something that was both cost-neutral and that passed the companies’ quality control standards.”

Energy for Tomorrow® & U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Partnerships

Via partnership with Energy for Tomorrow and the EPA, Racine International has converted to using 100 percent renewable energy to power its offices and manufacturing plant. The company’s energy source now comes from wind, hydroelectric and biomass sources. Fortunately, Racine International was able to off-set the extra costs involved with using greener energy sources with its savings from the other environmental initiatives. The company is proud to be the first commercial cleaning product manufacturer to become an EPA 100 percent Green Power Partner.

“Green power is more expensive than traditional electricity,” expressed Deborah Lema, Quality Control Manager. “But if people don’t support green energy with more than good wishes, then the availability will never increase and the prices will never come down. We hope that with the leadership that the cleaning industry has shown in the green arena, more manufacturers will follow us down this road.  We think of it as a long-term investment that also happens to feel pretty good… it benefits us, it benefits our customers, and it even benefits those that are not environmental conscience.”