The Liberator and Freestyle extractorVAC (eVAC) have a hopper, rather than a bag, for fast, easy dumping. Check the bagless hopper and empty as needed to prevent overloading. Overloading of the hopper will cause rapid filter clogging as well as HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner to accumulate on the inner cone assembly.

To empty the bagless hopper, place one hand on the eVAC above the bagless hopper and pull out the hopper with the other. Empty the bagless hopper. After emptying, push the hopper firmly back into the hopper guides until it stops. The bagless hopper must be completely closed (sealed) to maintain full vacuum power and to prevent premature filter clogging.

Each time you dump the hopper, it’s a good idea to check the vacuum hose elbow to be sure it is clean. You must clean the filters when the filter light comes on. Note: When cleaning with HOST SJ, the filter light will come on more frequently and you will have to clean the filters more often.

It’s important to follow routine maintenance practices to keep your HOST machine in optimal working order. Many of the following procedures take only a few minutes of your time but will keep your machine running for years.