With HOST one machine does it all with fingertip ease. Quickly restore filthy grouted and textured floors…dry. No harsh chemicals or fumes and your floor is dry and ready for traffic. Amazing, you have to see it to believe it. The HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System cleans filthy grouted and textured floors in minutes.

The HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System has been the premier dry carpet cleaning system for decades, the hard floor cleaning capability is a newer twist. “We didn’t expect HOST to perform so well on hard floor, for many years our expertise and focus has been carpet. It turns out the combination of counter-rotating brushes and controlled moisture via HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner is perfect for hard floor restorative cleaning”, says Geoff Greeley, Brand Ambassador. As this hotel manager exclaimed, “Wow, I used to have grout cleaning parties where everybody was on their hands and knees with toothbrushes trying to clean the grout…and you just did it in 30 seconds!” The HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System for hard floors works on ceramic tile, granite, brick, quarry tile, epoxy, slate, limestone, rubber, luxury vinyl, glazed tile, stone, laminate and…of course carpet. Just change the brushes to the red firm nylon hard flooring brush.

The HOST machine with special red grout brushes will restore your floors to pristine condition in minutes. HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner contains and controls the small amount of water and green cleaning chemistry required to loosen and absorb the water soluble and oil-based soils. And it is non-toxic and biodegradable. Call 800-558-9439 to request a free test in your facility to see for yourself!