Part #M1021-1

Firm Zebra Nylon and Polypropylene Carpet Brush

White nylon bristles combined with polypropylene bristles provide the right amount of aggressive scrubbing action for a wide variety of commercial carpets. Counter revolving bristles circulate the HOST through the carpet for excellent cleaning results. The length of the bristles helps circulate the HOST deep into the pile while lifting the pile and reviving the texture. For use on HOST Freestyle or Reliant. Set of two.

Break in brushes before use. To do this install brushes on machine and run machine for three minutes on hard surface.

Product Specifications

Size 12″ W
Material Nylon/Polypropylene
Brush Life* 1-2 years
Building Type Commercial
Type of Flooring Loop; Low Pile; Cut Pile (Nylon & Olefin Fibers)

*When used and cared for as directed. This includes regular, consistent rotation of brushes after use, cleaned properly and not used on floor surfaces that are not specified in HOST instructions.

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